If you run a hotel or restaurant, you’re aware already of how discerning your customers can be. As a basic rule, consumers consistently demand and expect more from hospitality providers. Worse, everyone who ever makes a lunch, dinner or hotel reservation, abhors the feeling that they have been misled in regard to a certain establishments merits and/or true reputability.


In this regard, investing in a promotional video for your hotel or restaurant can not only help better popularize your hospitality business but also help you better communicate your product and service details to prospective clients.


Leading hotel and restaurant chains are already doing this. The reason? When people visit anywhere on line, only 30% of people will actually read a full product or service description. 80% of people on the other hand will watch a professional video presentation of the same service.


Even more importantly, though, video content is becoming so widely disseminated online, that people are starting to expect professional previews of places like hospitality establishments as standard.


It’s simple when people are excited about a new product, service, or event venues like hotels and restaurants, they use video to help share that enthusiasm. Sharing that enthusiasm then leads to more people engaging with your specific video content.


Particularly Perfect For Events


At Witty Fox Studio, our video productions are visually engaging as standard. Even better, if your hotel or restaurant specializes in hosting special events such as wedding receptions and corporate conferences, we can help you market yourself in this respect with special event-specific marketing video material.


Based in Peterborough, we’re your one-stop shop for all your commercial video production needs. Contact us today in order to tell us how we might be able to put your hospitality establishment on the map by clicking here.