Real estate videos are fast becoming the best way for property sellers and home developers to get properties noticed online. In fact, properties which market themselves using video are proven to sell 27% faster than properties which rely solely on traditional advertising methods.


The reason for this is simple. Static property pictures and slide shows simply aren’t visually appealing. They’re not attention grabbing. They don’t demand attention in the same way that video does. However, as well as better engaging with prospective property buyers, video itself is much more commonly shared via social media.


Real estate videos, in this case, help exponentially increase the exposure of properties available to buy or let. As an added bonus, HD video tours of properties and home development projects garner much more sincere interest from prospective buyers.


As opposed for example, to people requesting to view a property, but realizing that it’s simply not for them from the moment they walk through the door, video helps people experience properties prior to wasting your (and their) time by scheduling a physical viewing.


The only problem? Not just any old video will do. It’s the 21st century and people want HD video as standard. Anything less and you risk creating real estate videos which simply don’t present properties as visually worthy enough of people’s interest.


However, with Witty Fox, the last thing which you need to worry about is low quality. We specialize in commercial video productions. Based out of Peterborough, we use our video production expertise to deliver high quality, visually engaging videos as standard. In this case, if you’re looking to include professional video content as part of your next real estate marketing strategy, make sure to contact Witty Fox Studio today by clicking here.