The workplace training video is fast becoming the way for businesses to provide better, deeper and richer training experiences for not just new business employees, but workplace training instructors also. A training video, after all, is a much better way to provide trainee staff with more genuine insights to real workplace concepts.

For one, using a training video or training video series is flexible. Rather than put new employees through hours of menial mental gymnastics of training, training itself can be broken up and easily set around real workplace orientation.

At the same time, using a training video, or video series, can in itself facilitate remote training of new employees.

However, a key benefit of using video to train new staff lies with the fact that videos themselves are particularly good at demonstrating actions and behaviors which cannot typically be represented through more traditional mediums.

Proven to help business reduce costs, using video to train new staff is ultimately dynamic. Training videos don’t after all, necessarily divorce staff from more traditional training methods. Rather, training videos can be used as a complementary aside to more traditional training approaches.

Based in Peterborough, Witty Fox Studio realizes that in work training is one of the most important requirements of any human resource department. However, we also realize that traditional workplace training often leaves much to be desired in terms of genuine engagement and enthusiasm of new employees.

Given the above, if you are a business looking to provide a more engaging way for new staff to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of your company, contact us today by clicking here. Let us know what your chief training requirements are and we’ll strive to  provide training videos which will set your staff on track to be your next best business assets.