Posts With Video Links

20/01/2016 Media
Does your business have a blog? If so and your keeping that blog regularly maintained, you already know how powerful blogging can be at helping your business better engage with potential customers.


However, blogging is slowly being replaced by ‘vlogging,’ or to be more specific video blogging. To demonstrate this, all one has to do is look at the incredible rise in recent years, of self-made Youtube stars and the like.


Is this bad news for business? Not necessarily. However, it is important to at least start incorporating some video into your blog posts.


For example, if you are releasing a new product, the likelihood is that your usual blog post about this release is always going to loose out from now on to someone who’s vlog has decided to feature a dedicated unboxing video. To elaborate even further, you new blog post about how your company is going green, isn’t going to get as many views or likes as a competitor site which details the same information, but also uses video to demonstrate its point.


It’s harsh, but to put it simply, the Internet itself is becoming much more media intensive. Businesses in this case, either need to embrace this or risk going the same way as the Internet monoliths of yesteryear such as Yahoo and Lycos.


The good news? If you do start using video in your blog posts, you’re actually making your website overall much more visible online. All you have to worry about now is how to integrate your usual content and style into a dynamic and eye-catching video offering.

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