Using Video Content For Website Marketing

16/01/2016 Media
People usually approach the idea of video content marketing, from a solely statistical perspective. Video is great for increasing search result rankings, video increases conversions by a minimum of 30% etc. However, what few people ever extrapolate on, is what the best way is to actually use video when marketing a website.


Firstly then, the single most overlooked factor when it comes to video content marketing, is that which concerns the actual layout and user friendliness of your existing website. It’s fine planning on adding video to your marketing campaign. However, if that campaign plan involves adding video to your website, you need to spend time making sure that your website can actually support and display video properly.


Sound too simple? Well, a lot of websites look fantastic on a PC. However, only about a third of websites are optimized to display just as well on mobile devices. The problem? Over 50% of people use mobile devices as their principle means of Internet access. Moreover, people using mobile devices to browse the Internet are responsible for the majority of media shares and social media likes. In this case, if your website isn’t optimized for display on mobile devices, your video marketing campaign is already set to miss 50% of your potential target audience.


Next then, if you’re going to start using video content to market your website, it probably goes without saying that you’re going to be using social media also. However, combining email and video marketing can be just as effective as disseminating videos on social media.


Lastly, in an ideal world your video marketing strategy is going to be so successful that in next to no time, your websites videos are going to be appearing everywhere from people’s email inboxes to Facebook and Vimeo. The only question is, are you effectively funneling viewers back towards your website? If not, you likely haven’t branded your business effectively or provided call to actions and backlinks in your videos which take people directly to your sales pages.


The key for successfully using video to market your website? Don’t focus purely on the statistical benefits. Focus on thinking about how real human users are going to be able to stumble upon your content in the first place.

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